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Things You Must do to Maintain Your Boat All Year Long

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Owning a boat requires a certain amount of upkeep and maintenance to keep it in good operational condition. Here are some things you or another organization, such as a San Diego yacht management company, need to stay on top of.


  • Railings and lifelines in great condition
  • Check that all hardware is tight, secure, and free from corrosion or snags
  • Clean dirt off non-skid surfaces
  • Carbon monoxide detectors in all enclosed or semi-enclosed areas

Fuel System

  • Check that the deck, pump, tank, and filter are properly grounded
  • Examine the fuel tank for corrosion or rust and ensure that there are no leaks present
  • Engine cleaned and doesn’t have oily materials laying around
  • Always use fuel that is less than 10 percent ethanol to prevent damage

Fire Extinguishers

  • Ensure you have enough working fire extinguishers that have been checked in the last year
  • Check that all extinguishers are easily accessible if you end up needing them
  • Verify that you and your crew know how to use one if the need arises

Electrical System

  • All wiring is approved for marine purposes
  • The system is safe from strain and chafing
  • Enough flex between the engine connections and the bulkhead
  • Circuit breakers and fuses are adequately protected
  • All connections and terminals are sealed properly to ensure corrosion doesn’t happen


  • All appliances are meant for marine purposes
  • Adequate ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide build-up
  • Separated from the engine room and interior
  • Shut-off valve at the tank is secure
  • All hazardous areas are labeled, and caution exercised when using

Ground Tackle

  • A minimum of two anchors on board
  • All tackle is secured properly
  • The anchor is stowed and accessible at all times
  • Gear is available at the chocks for unexpected storms or long stays at sea


  • All posts have non-conductive covers on the posts and are secured


  • Protect shafts, rudder fittings, through-hulls, and props from corrosion
  • Take a look at engine control linkage, steering cables, and engine mounts for signs of corrosion that may make the components inoperable
  • Lubricate or paint all items to reduce or eliminate the risk of corroding the essential parts necessary to operate your vessel

Your boat is an investment that you need to put the time and effort into taking care of.

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