World Cat 400CC-X

World Cat 325CC

World Cat 295CC

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World Cat 260CC-X

World Cat 235CC

World Cat 400DC-X

World Cat 325DC

World Cat 296DC

World Cat 280DC-X

World Cat 260DC-X

World Cat 230DC

World Cat 230SD

A Better Boating Experience Begins With A Better Boat

If you’re a boater, you know about the pounding, slapping, exhausting ride that a monohull boat subjects you to. But, with a World Cat power catamaran, you get a smoother, more stable ride. That means no more physical abuse – for you or your family and friends. You can stay on the water longer, and go farther. You’ll come back with more energy and fewer bruises. And, along with that comfort, you’ll have the confidence to head out in conditions that keep other boaters at shore. Don’t take our word for it, take a sea trial and experience the World Cat advantages for yourself.