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Is it the Right Time for You to Buy a Boat?

Is it the Right Time for You to Buy a Boat?

Any salesman will tell you the best time to buy any boat, new or used, is today. That’s not always the case since you need to consider the area you reside in, whether you desire a new or used vessel, and what time of the month it is. The end of the month is when most deals are made since people believe they can get a better price.

When to Buy a Used Boat

The best time to buy a used boat in 2018 is whenever you have the means to do so. The market is hot because the economy is flourishing, which creates scarcity for those looking to buy a boat. Manufacturers responded to the recession in 2008-2013 by cutting production, which limits your options. Project boats or those that are significantly older are easier to find since demand is low.

Best Time to Purchase a New Boat

The new year for boats starts in summer, so you might get a better deal if you make your purchase in early spring before the new models come out. Waiting until summer starts or until the middle of the season could backfire if you’re looking to guarantee you’ll find the boat you want this year. August is another month when dealers make a lot of sales.

Market Structure – Year-Round v. Seasonal

The most popular time for sales in areas where the snow falls is during the spring and early summer months, even though it might not be the ideal time to make the purchase. It’s more likely that you’ll get a better deal if you purchase in the fall and store it until the next season if cost is the primary concern. Sellers are pressed to make sales before winter because they don’t want to pay for storage for another winter. When it comes to San Diego yacht sales, where the weather is nice all year, the ideal time is when you find the right vessel and have the funds to purchase it.

Take your time when making your purchase and don’t rely solely on emotions, or you might experience buyer’s remorse shortly after you sign the paperwork. Set goals and adhere to them, do your research, converse with various sellers, and then negotiate a price that works for both parties to get you in your boat and ready to hit the water.

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