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Advantages of Using a Broker to Sell your Yacht

Broker to sell yacht

After you make the decision to sell your yacht, your next option is whether you want to do it privately or with the assistance of a yacht broker. Using a yacht broker is a cost-effective method to help get your yacht sold under terms that work for you. A broker takes care of the responsibilities such as depositing funds into a dedicated account, ensuring all appropriate paperwork is in order, and negotiating the transaction details.

Here are a few other reasons to consider using a professional to help get your boat sold.

  • Price: The price that someone is asking isn’t always what the vessel is worth. You can browse for sale sites and see what other owners are trying to get for their boats, but that doesn’t mean that they’re able to get what they want. A broker can give you an accurate depiction of how much other boats have recently sold for.
  • Presentation: A boat is only going to sell if it looks like it’s worth what you want for it. A broker can look at your yacht and decide if it’s ready for the market or if you need to perform some maintenance before it will capture a buyer’s eye.
  • Promotions: Advertising is how many people are able to sell their boats, but it takes time and knowledge of where and how to sell if you want to be successful. Advertising can be tricky, which is why it’s easier if you have a professional perform the task for you. A bidding war is not how most people want to buy their yacht.
  • Showings: It’s complicating to coordinate schedules to meet with someone who wants to look at your boat, especially if you have to work around your work and personal obligations. A broker can coordinate their schedule with a prospective buyer, including during the inconvenient night and weekend hours when you might already have plans to do something.
  • Positioning: Your boat can’t sell if it’s placed where no one can see it. A broker can use a platform at a boatyard or marina to allow as many people as possible to see it so you can get your asking price without letting your yacht sit idle for months.

Don’t underestimate the importance of using the services of a San Diego yacht broker to sell our yacht when the time is right.

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