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Why You Need an Expert Yacht Broker

Broker to sell yacht

Whenever you make a big purchase, you usually get a little help from an expert. Buying a house? Then you hire a real estate agent to help you find the right house and get the best price. So why should buying a boat or yacht be any different? What a yacht broker does is very…read more

Advantages of Using a Broker to Sell your Yacht

Broker to sell yacht

After you make the decision to sell your yacht, your next option is whether you want to do it privately or with the assistance of a yacht broker. Using a yacht broker is a cost-effective method to help get your yacht sold under terms that work for you. A broker takes care of the responsibilities…read more

Boat or Yacht: What’s the Difference? Are They Interchangeable?

Buying a new boat

Did you know that the terms boat and yacht aren’t interchangeable? A yacht is a boat, but all boats aren’t yachts. The differences between the two come down to size, attitude, and overall price. In the past, there was a fine line drawn in the sand at 80 feet when it became necessary to hire…read more

Reasons Why You Need a Broker to Sell Your Yacht

Broker to sell yacht

Once you make the decision to sell your boat the question of whether to sell it yourself or use an experienced yacht broker arises. Selling it by yourself saves money since you aren’t paying commission, but means you have to do everything yourself and it might take longer to get it out of your hands….read more

Reasons to Use a Broker when Buying a Yacht

San Diego Yacht Broker

Buying a yacht is a huge decision and one that you should have professional guidance with, similar to how home buyers utilize a realtor’s services. There are many steps to buying a yacht including finding the right style, getting financing, and working out taxes and escrow. You might not know you can hire a professional…read more

Benefits of Using a Broker to Help Purchase your Boat

san diego yacht broker

A yacht broker is to yachts what a real estate broker is to homes. They help people buy and sell yachts, and are responsible for listing, selling and representing their interests. The person selling the boat has to pay the broker fees, but there are requirements the broker must follow to ensure a fair transaction…read more

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