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Tommy J’s Favorites – Sirius Signal



Several days ago Bob Simmons of Sirius Signal introduced me to his newest invention. This is a great replacement for the pyrotechnic night flares. It meets all Coast Guard requirements for night visual distress signal. The Sirius Signal S-O-S Distress Torch illuminates for six plus hours versus three minutes for handheld flares or six seconds for aerial flares. Another great benefit is that there is no need to dispose of the pyrotechnic type flares once you own this creative signaling device. Not having to dispose of expired flares every three years is great for you and the environment. The lens on the torch is designed to broadcast a signal six plus miles visible from sea and air. The lanyard on the device can be used to hoist it up to a higher position on the vessel, or to secure it to another lanyard attached to a man over board device. This buoyant watertight S-O-S signaling device is well thought out and a home run for Bob Simmons. Every boater should have this aboard their vessel. This will be available within a month or less at Marine Retailers and Distributors. The retail price on this C-Sized Battery Operated unit is $99.50 each. Sirius Signal is a great design and it is extremely practical, a must have for every boater.

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