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World Cat 296DC

Introducing The Beautifully Different World Cat 296DC


General Overview

The new 296DC brings you a smoother ride, shallower draft, and greater stability even in rough seas. And, while it’s built for comfort, it delivers plenty of speed. New features include a lower profile hardtop & frame, improved deck spacing, comfortable aft-facing softback seats with safety handrails, a 25-gallon livewell located in the port seat box and a 125-quart fish box located in the starboard seat box, updated dash and switch panel, USB outlets, and courtesy lighting in the bow. No matter what your watersports pleasure, this boat will deliver and then some.



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General Specifications

Length: 29ʹ 1ʺ
Beam: 9ʹ 6ʺ
Draft: 15ʺ
Freeboard Aft: 27″
Transom Height: 25″
Dry Weight w/ Power (approx): 8,900 lbs
Max HP Rating: 600 HP (2 x 300 HP)
Fuel Capacity: 233 gal (2 x 116.5 gal)
Livewell Capacity: 25 gal
Freshwater Capacity: 33 gal
Wastewater Capacity: 15 gal
Trailering Height*: 10ʹ 6ʺ
Bridge Clearance*: 8ʹ 10ʺ
Cockpit Length: 65ʺ
Typical Cruise: 20.8 mph / 1.5mpg
Typical WOT: 53.3 mph / 1.0 mpg
Passenger Capacity: 12

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