Looking for activities to do on your boat this Fall/Winter season? It’s that time of year! Mark your calendars, spiny lobster season is approaching here in San Diego! Lobster season runs from October 1, 2022 – March 15, 2023.

What is spiny lobster?

Spiny lobster, also known as rock lobster, differs from Maine lobsters as they do not have large claws, the meat of the lobster is mainly found in the tail and is slightly sweeter than Maine lobster. Spiny lobsters are usually found in warmer waters, like here in San Diego. They get their name from the large spines on their head and body.

There are two ways to catch spiny lobster, by hand or by hoop net.  Both require a California fishing license and CDFW spiny lobster report card. See more HERE for rules and regulations.

Knowing the right spots to look will increase your chances of catching more. Spiny lobster are most commonly found near pilings under piers and bridges, and any rocky area. Lobster are nocturnal so you are more likely to find them at night

Here are some great sources where you can get more information on spiny lobster season.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

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How to Hoop Net for California Spiny Lobster 

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