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Six Things to Focus on When Buying your Luxury Yacht

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Owning a yacht isn’t for everyone. A luxury yacht is an ideal option for well-educated, business-focused socialite looking to expand their reach and keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle. Sales for yachts ranging from 40 to 70 feet are typical for people just starting out. Lower-cost materials and high re-sale value have made the yacht…read more

MCY 96 “Wins” Best International Motor Yacht Award

monte carlo yachts mcy 96

THE MCY 96 WINS BEST INTERNATIONAL MOTOR  YACHT IN THE 24-30M CATEGORY AT THE 2018  CHRISTOFLE YACHT STYLE AWARDS Monte Carlo Yachts’ latest addition to the MCY collection takes home its  second award at the PHUKET RENDEZVOUS in Thailand MONFALCONE, 15 JANUARY, 2018. Following its debut award at the World Yacht Trophies in Cannes, the…read more

MCY 86. No limits To Customization | SNAPSHOTS FROM MCY – ISSUE N.11

Building yachts is a big challenge that supposes knowledge, courage and passion. In Monte Carlo Yachts we strive to create yachts that will allow people to experience the sea in a different way. The perfect integration between shape and function can be perceived only when holding the steering wheel in your hands and realizing that…read more

Monte Carlo Yachts Monthly Issue #10 | MCY 96 Continues To Cruise Across The Oceans

monte carlo yachts mcy 96


Tommy J’s Favorites – MOB Recovery Gear

Here is the latest from our friend Tom Jarvis of San Diego Marine Exchange on a very important safety topic, Man-Over Board Recovery devices.  ENJOY! SOS Marine Just Marine manufactures and distributes Man-Over Board Recovery devices designed to get the victim back into the boat as quickly and safely as possible. There are three devices…read more

Tommy J’s Favorites – Sirius Signal

SIRIUS SIGNAL Several days ago Bob Simmons of Sirius Signal introduced me to his newest invention. This is a great replacement for the pyrotechnic night flares. It meets all Coast Guard requirements for night visual distress signal. The Sirius Signal S-O-S Distress Torch illuminates for six plus hours versus three minutes for handheld flares or…read more

Tommy J’s Favorites – SOS Dan Buoy

In the coming months we are proud to bring you our guest blogger Tom Jarvis, from San Diego Marine Exchange.  His wealth of knowledge has been helping boaters in the San Diego area for years.  We sincerely appreciate his friendship and support of the boating community and are thrilled to be able to share with you…read more

The Best Days

I have thought a lot over the years about the old saying, “The best two days of a boat owners life are the days he buys and sells the boat.”  While I would like to think it is because a great yacht broker can make the buying and selling process a lot of fun, realistically,…read more

That boat may look like a beauty, but was it someone else’s beast?

What your Broker needs to know about your prospective new boat. This concept has never been clearer to me than in a recent transaction where I had the privilege of representing a first time buyer. The buyer and I immediately hit it off and had a great time over a several month span looking at…read more

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