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Why Using a Yacht Management Company is a Smart Idea

Yacht Management Company

As a yacht owner, there’s a vast difference between owning one that is less than 30m to one that is at least 50m. Orders increase significantly and require you to juggle more responsibilities, have less time, and need more energy to complete everything. An activity that used to be relaxing and enjoyable turns into a…read more

Reasons Why You Need a Broker to Sell Your Yacht

Broker to sell yacht

Once you make the decision to sell your boat the question of whether to sell it yourself or use an experienced yacht broker arises. Selling it by yourself saves money since you aren’t paying commission, but means you have to do everything yourself and it might take longer to get it out of your hands….read more

Is it the Right Time for You to Buy a Boat?

Is it the Right Time for You to Buy a Boat?

Any salesman will tell you the best time to buy any boat, new or used, is today. That’s not always the case since you need to consider the area you reside in, whether you desire a new or used vessel, and what time of the month it is. The end of the month is when…read more

Ways to Utilize a Desalination System

portable watermaker

A desalination system is a way always to ensure your water is safe to drink. A portable solution can fit well with your other equipment and has a basic design that makes it reliable, while if it does need servicing it can be done onsite. A portable watermaker can be useful in a multitude of…read more

Tips for Selecting an Effective Yacht Management Provider

san diego yacht management

One of the responsibilities that you might be able to shift to someone else as the captain of a yacht is managing the day-to-day operations. You can utilize a yacht management company to assist with responsibilities to give you more time to do other tasks. It takes time to find the right company to meet…read more

Reasons to Use a Broker when Buying a Yacht

San Diego Yacht Broker

Buying a yacht is a huge decision and one that you should have professional guidance with, similar to how home buyers utilize a realtor’s services. There are many steps to buying a yacht including finding the right style, getting financing, and working out taxes and escrow. You might not know you can hire a professional…read more

Things to Consider When Buying a New Boat

san diego yacht dealer

Deciding to purchase a boat is one decision you need to research, but even more in-depth information and factors come into play before you buy a new boat. The first question you’ve probably considered is whether you want to purchase a brand new boat or a used one. Consider these factors that come into play…read more

Choosing a Marine Water Maker

marine watermaker, portable water maker

While on your boat or yacht, you’ll want access to clean drinking water. It’s also a requirement, in areas such as in the military, to have access to clean water while relaxing on the water and enjoying the sites and setting. A portable watermaker is the solution to all your drinking water needs. They use…read more

Understanding What you Need and How a Yacht Management Company Can Help Your Operations

san diego yacht management company

An increase in regulations and workloads make it a wise decision to hire a San Diego yacht management company to help oversee the yacht and aid the crew and captain in daily operations. Before selecting a company, you need to understand the role of a management company and how they can help you achieve your…read more

Benefits of Using a Broker to Help Purchase your Boat

san diego yacht broker

A yacht broker is to yachts what a real estate broker is to homes. They help people buy and sell yachts, and are responsible for listing, selling and representing their interests. The person selling the boat has to pay the broker fees, but there are requirements the broker must follow to ensure a fair transaction…read more

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