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Choosing a Marine Water Maker

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While on your boat or yacht, you’ll want access to clean drinking water. It’s also a requirement, in areas such as in the military, to have access to clean water while relaxing on the water and enjoying the sites and setting. A portable watermaker is the solution to all your drinking water needs. They use a reverse osmosis system to take water from unknown sources with questionable quality and turn it into safe drinking water. These sources could include lakes or streams while on a long trip. It’s wise to be prepared for the unexpected and purchase a watermaker that meets your needs.

Analyze your needs

There are differences between a watermaker made for use on land compared to one designed for use at sea. Equipment is different for naval vessels and yachts since they are in the marine environment compared to units designed for while on land.


You need to have an appropriate watermaker for the needs of your crew. You don’t want to get something too small, but purchasing something excessive for your needs adds excess weight to the ship and be overly priced. Gauge how many people you need to have water for and how long you expect your trip to last when deciding how big of a watermaker to buy.


WQA certification is an absolute must, as it’s an international quality standard to ensure the product is manufactured and operates safely. All manufacturers selling this type of equipment must have proper certification.


Purchase the product from a well-recognized and established company like Rainman with a proven track record of success and satisfaction with previous customers. You don’t want the equipment to break down when in use at the most inconvenient time. Companies with an established reputation know how to fix problems and can service or inspect equipment before you head out to sea to ensure it’s completely functional without hiccups. It’s not always possible for someone without expertise in the area to fix problems that pop up.

The process of buying a marine watermaker might seem like it should be simple, but just like purchasing any other product, buying the wrong one can be detrimental and result in a useless purchase. Analyze the needs of you and your crew and purchase an appropriate watermaker to guarantee you always have access to clean, fresh water wherever you go on personal or business trips and adventures.

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