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3 Things You Must do to Keep Your Boat in Optimal Condition

No matter what the size of your boat is, you need to stay on top of its maintenance. Taking the time to perform small repairs and regular maintenance goes a long way in preserving your boat’s condition. Keep it Clean Keeping your boat clean is especially important if you use it in saltwater. Allowing the…read more

Things You Must do to Maintain Your Boat All Year Long

san diego yacht management company

Owning a boat requires a certain amount of upkeep and maintenance to keep it in good operational condition. Here are some things you or another organization, such as a San Diego yacht management company, need to stay on top of. Safety Railings and lifelines in great condition Check that all hardware is tight, secure, and…read more

Boat or Yacht: What’s the Difference? Are They Interchangeable?

Buying a new boat

Did you know that the terms boat and yacht aren’t interchangeable? A yacht is a boat, but all boats aren’t yachts. The differences between the two come down to size, attitude, and overall price. In the past, there was a fine line drawn in the sand at 80 feet when it became necessary to hire…read more

The Best Time to Buy a Boat? Probably Not When You Think.


As a current or prospective boat owner, you might wonder when the best time during the year is to purchase a boat. The answer is that it depends on a variety of factors such as whether you’re in the market for a used or new boat, the climate in the area where you live, and…read more


Knowing When to Upgrade Your Boat Electronics From Older Technology

Technology impacts all industries and provides an excellent opportunity to have high-quality and advanced navigational systems, collision avoidance features, and accurate weather forecasting. As you continue to add new gadgets and fun things to your collection, you might experience issues with compatibility if you don’t have assistance or information from experienced San Diego yacht service…read more

Why Using a Yacht Management Company is a Smart Idea

Yacht Management Company

As a yacht owner, there’s a vast difference between owning one that is less than 30m to one that is at least 50m. Orders increase significantly and require you to juggle more responsibilities, have less time, and need more energy to complete everything. An activity that used to be relaxing and enjoyable turns into a…read more

Reasons Why You Need a Broker to Sell Your Yacht

Broker to sell yacht

Once you make the decision to sell your boat the question of whether to sell it yourself or use an experienced yacht broker arises. Selling it by yourself saves money since you aren’t paying commission, but means you have to do everything yourself and it might take longer to get it out of your hands….read more

Is it the Right Time for You to Buy a Boat?

Is it the Right Time for You to Buy a Boat?

Any salesman will tell you the best time to buy any boat, new or used, is today. That’s not always the case since you need to consider the area you reside in, whether you desire a new or used vessel, and what time of the month it is. The end of the month is when…read more

Ways to Utilize a Desalination System

portable watermaker

A desalination system is a way always to ensure your water is safe to drink. A portable solution can fit well with your other equipment and has a basic design that makes it reliable, while if it does need servicing it can be done onsite. A portable watermaker can be useful in a multitude of…read more

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